Epoxy For Garage Floors

garage floor epoxy

Epoxy, particularly that which could be used for garage floors, are amongst the toughest and most durable of finishes that could be applied. The garage floor epoxy will, henceforth, be referred to as an epoxy coating. Of course, it protects the garage floor, but it also has the ability to turn bare and empty garage floors into objects of beauty as well as function. It is enough to make any prideful motor mechanic cry tears of joy.

The epoxy floor coating is recognised as one of the toughest and most durable applications suited to a garage floor. It protects the floor for one thing. Also it can convert a bare cement surface into a fine-looking alternative fit for a mall. But while it may look beautiful it remains functionable. Customers, both commercial and private, are now able to select from a variety of colors and patterns fit for a mansion.

Do note, however, that epoxy floor coating for the garage is not actually paint. But this is interesting nevertheless. There is garage floor paint on the market but it is made up as a latex acrylic product. And furthermore, these products do actually have elements of epoxy added to them. It therefore goes without saying that the intention is to make these paint products a lot more durable than conventional paint products.

Epoxy is actually what is known as a thermosetting resin that will be applied as a coating. Indeed, it can be utilised as a DIY product as well. All that is needed is to mix one part of epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener. After that, the hardener will be acting as a catalyst. This is what gives the epoxy its strength. And that, folks, is what gives you your epoxy for garage floors.